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In the mid-19th century, Yankee whalers enlisted seamen from such places as tiny Bequia in the Grenadine islands of the British West Indies. One of those men purchased two whale- boats from the Yankees and Bequia’s history of whaling began. To the consternation of many, Bequia’s whalers continue the tradition to this day.


The Wind That Blows affectionately examines the lives of this unique group. These men, whose lives are entwined with nature, seek sustenance for their families and neighbors but, in the process, bestow something else: identity.


Production of this award-winning doc began in 1989 and continued through 2013. During that time, tourism established itself as Bequia’s prime industry, luring people away from the trades and traditions of the past. Hotels, new roads, an airport and other improvements trans- formed Bequia’s appearance...and its soul.


Amidst the clamor of globalization, The Wind That Blows gives a deserved voice to a humble community on a tiny island clinging to a proud past. 

Spanning an entire generation and told from the perspective of a proud people infinitely more connected to nature than any Prius driver, this film challenges conventional thought about the impact of global conservation and modernization. 
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